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Braunfels - the medieval town in central Hesse

Braunfels is known for its fairytale castle. Town Braunfels is located in eastern Hintertaunus at an altitude of about 240 meters, 2 km south of Lahn Valley, 10 km west of county town Wetzlar. Not far from Limburg and the Westerwald, Braunfels is not only known for its culture and nature but offers also a central location.


Access by car or motorcycle.

Braunfels is easily accessible via A3 or A45.
That is if you are coming from Cologne, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden or Dortmund you reach Braunfels quickly by car.
After leaving the B49 to reach Braunfels from direction Limburg or Gießen, you take the exit Solms. Being there, take the main road about 5 km along and reach via the access road "Blauer Berg" the beautifully situated town Braunfels. Driving through the valley it is often foggy and hazy, arriving in Braunfels the sun will shine and you will see the imposing castle Braunfels.



Nearest bus station:
Braunfels Europaplatz, 300m

Nearest train station:
Leun Lahn station, 5 km

Nearest Airport:
Frankfurt Airport, about 70 km
Cologne / Bonn airport, 130 km

Shopping (walking distance):
Rewe Braunfels
Rewe Getränkemarkt


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