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Canoeing on River Lahn

Canoeing and boating on the river Lahn

The Lahn within the heart of Hesse is one of the famous canoe rivers in Germany. Day and multi-day trips are offered in the section between Giessen and Limburg. Enjoy your holidays on the Lahn and visit optics and Goethe town Wetzlar, the fairytale castle of Braunfels or high above the Lahn enthroned baroque residence Weilburg and the 1847 opened first and only ship tunnel in Germany.

Our diverse and native flora and fauna invites to idyllic hours on the water. Being a little lucky you will find yourself among many ducks and you will also be able to observe rare kingfishers, grebes or dippers. Storks and beavers also feel at home again in Lahntal.

Canoe tours can be booked directly at or email about This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..